My Box Called "War Stuff"

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My Box Called "War Stuff"

Post by Delta1-41 » Mon Mar 10, 2014 8:21 pm

I want to share a tool that I have learned through many years of counseling at my local VetCenter, which is is free and NOT directly connected to the VA.

I know that holding down a job is difficult for a lot of people, especially for us Combat Veterans.

By the front door of our home I keep an imaginary box called "War Stuff". Before I go to work every morning (when I actually have a job) I open my imaginary box and put inside the bad feelings, the guilt, the anxiety, the anger and the war in general. I put them inside the box and close it and leave for work.

I do this every morning because it helps me to function and actually bring home a paycheck every two weeks.

A challenge is that the box doesn't always stay closed during the work day. The "War Stuff" flies out of the box and into my head at work, so I have to use my back up tools. I visualize a nice, safe place like the beach on a warm day (We live right at the edge of Lake Michigan, so that part is easy.) I breathe deeply and repeat to myself that I am safe. And I actually have a postie note with the words "I AM SAFE".

Eventually I am able to chase away the bad feelings and make them fly away and crawl back inside the box. I visualize the feelings flying away and into the box.

I know that when I get home the box is always there and the war stuff is always available.
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Re: My Box Called "War Stuff"

Post by Dispacther » Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:38 pm

Thanks Delta . I'll try .
The "War Stuff" has really been throwing it's weight around lately.
So thanks for the hint .
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