Medical Units at LBC on 3/10/1991.

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eighteen wheller
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Medical Units at LBC on 3/10/1991.

Post by eighteen wheller » Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:46 pm

I was injuried in an explosion at Log Base Charlie on 3/10/1991. I was taken to the ER at LBC on 3/10/1991. My injuries were treated & I was given a 72 Hour Sick Slip, which I brought back to my Unit Administrator. However, I was not given the Medical Treatment Record to Take back to my Unit Administrator & this document never made it to my Medical Record. Now the VA says I never had injuries from this explosion, due to me not having a copy of this Medical Treatment Record from 3/10/1991. I have Buddy Statements thar verify the accident happen & that I discussed my injuries with Them. But, according to the VA, it's not enought to establish service connection for my injuries from this explosion. I need to know the name of the Medical Unit who was in charge of the ER at LBC on 3/10/1991, so as I might find the Doctor who wrote the Sick Slip or knows where the actual Medical Treatment was sent. Any help is very much appreciated.
I'm SSG Thomas C. Rouse with the 786 Transportation Company at Log Base Charlie. I'm Looking for anyone with the Medical Unit (?) that was in charge of ER at Log Base Charlie on 3/10/1991.
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Re: Medical Units at LBC on 3/10/1991.

Post by gnbhill » Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:31 pm

I saw this on another site. may be bad for trying to find records. I have been trying to find facts about my unit and it's location and it is like we were never there. ... yid=174296

try this site i saw it here on this site
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