KKMC Shower Toilets?

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KKMC Shower Toilets?

Post by Gomeric » Wed Jan 04, 2012 2:17 am

My platoon got to go to KKMC a couple times for Px, wolfie burgers, and inside showers a couple times while deployed. We were at the 301st EPW camp between Log Delta and Echo on the MSR Dodge near Hafer al Batin. I was with the 304th MP Co. which was one of the escort guard companines for the camp. Which was pretty nice we werent stuck there and got to pull epw transport all over the place bringing them back to the main camp.

Sand storm hit the camp area the first time we got to go to KKMC and luckly my Squad got to hop a bus down for couple hours of in country RR. We didnt get much of that while we were there mostly 48hrs on 24hrs off once it got rolling. Anyway like I said this was the first time. The big draw was a PX tent, wolfie burger, and indoor showers. Well we go into this building to take showers and it is the inside shower in two or three months living in a GP Medium in the middle of the desert. The stalls are like huge and are on one side of the room and the urinals are on the other. Inside the shower were these holes right in the middle of the floor and you had to like stradle them while taking a shower. I couldnt figure out what the hell these things were. (I was 18yrs old just off the farm) I also notice they have these metalic hoses on one of the the walls as well about waist high. I just cant figure it out right. So Im pulling levers turning stuff on trying to figure it and the hole flushes in the middle of the floor, like one of those toilets on airliners. Well it finaly dawned on me why the EPWS never sat down on the toilets we provided them they always stood up on them and squated over the holes and perferred water bottles to toilet paper. LOL....
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Re: KKMC Shower Toilets?

Post by lmsnh » Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:41 am

Hey Gomeric,

I was with the 400th MP Bn at the same camp. We were at the gtmnasium at KKMC for 2 days before moving into some abandoned cinderblock buildings with metal roofs across the street from KKMC. Some of us were there a couple of days then headed north to set up camp. I was one of the last to leave that sight and hook back up with my unit. We were in those buildings when the air war started and the SCUDs were coming in fast and furious! Laying around on our cots sleeping in MOPP 4, little did we know at that time that those suits were useless!
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Re: KKMC Shower Toilets?

Post by Sgt. Philip Howells » Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:29 pm

I served near the air field at KKMC, we weren't part of the air field or the city, like no mans land. I remember a sand storm driving a Duce & Half back from picking up supplies, the trail was just tire tracks in the sand. I finally had to stop with no reference points left and zero visibility, after an hour of sitting and waiting, it pass through, I could see I wasn't far from passing a main road and heading out to nowhere, my camp was behind me.

The showers at the gymnasium were a treat when you could find a vehicle and time to get there. There were multinational troops there all the time, British, Egyptian. A few of us wandered around the adjoining complexes and found a dining hall so we walked in and helped ourselves, a lot of stares as we were all cover in dirt and had our weapons & LBE on. We didn't get thrown out but were told nicely by an officer not to come again, that was for the command and control units at KKMC. I didn't see General Schwarzkopf.

Scuds were fun there, if it was dead quiet you might be able to hear the alarm going off in the city. Most times you would know from the Patriot missiles vapor trails. One night early on in the Air War I was standing outside the tent smoking and saw plane after plane taking off, heading almost straight up just a cone of fire from the after burners. It took a few minutes for my brain to figure it out, they were scrambling the air field to get all the planes off the ground, the Scuds were projected to be targeting the area. When the Patriots did hit one, the chunks coming down were almost the size of a Duce & Half, tents or the trailers you worked out of wouldn't protect you so we gave up caring, there was a bomb shelter where we slept but during the day you would have to run there in about 8 minutes. It was easier just to watch the vapor tails to see if they hit any like fireworks.
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