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1/27 FA (MLRS) Babenhausen Germany

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 3:18 pm
by White27
Grid smashers renamed Steel Rain by the Iraqi troops

Re: 1/27 FA (MLRS) Babenhausen Germany

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:27 am
by bmw77r100s
Interesting that you would use a "Hollywood" call sign. I wondered how many after all these years would remember them... I'm one of the three that was 57.

Myself, I went on to AFN (AFRTS) afterwards.

Did you get the letter from the V.A. about wind charts and stuff stating we were in the area of gas? I got the letter about six years after we were deployed. I haven't been in touch with anyone from the unit. I remember plotting with the yellow marker on my map, I told people in the platoon to look at my map. Nobody really seemed to care. A SPLL had a air filter system that the M577 didn't. The 577 actually sucked air into the vehicle when it was running, even at an idle. The gaskets for the antenna mounts even leaked when it rained.

When we got back to Germany I was having trouble. The medics told me it was allergies.

I remember carry 1st Stephens to the medics in Saudi. I was in his tent, the 1st SGT asked me if I could assemble his M-1911(.45) after he field stripped it. I did, so he was willing to talk to me.

I remember how wiped out everyone was. They started telling us it was the sand or the lettuce. So many guys were so dehydrated that they had trouble get off their cots. I carried Stephens to the medics, he was in a bad way. The medics gave him an I.V. Afterwards, Stephens wasn't aware that I took him to the medics. I wasn't feeling well, but nobody else was able to help me carry him or weren't willing.

I've asked people at the V.A. about the pills we were taking, not one has told me yet what they were. I've been reading about it a little, but can't say I'm sure what the pills were. I remember when we were taking them that we had to do it in formation, because some guys were refusing. I recall be told that they weren't FDA approved, after hearing that, I did want to take them either. Do you know what the pills were? Was it pyridostigmine bromide (PB)?

Do you know who "Kirt P. Love" is? The Director, DSBR former member VA ACGWV.

The latest thing, The V.A. tried acupuncture. It didn't help, it made me feel worse. The doc on the second visit just gave me a massage instead.

I'm going to the V.A. again next week. I'm looking for some answers. I'm having trouble working, my wife is concerned. She has known me since I was 12. She says I'm getting worse.

I don't want to keep taking dope, any drug has side effects. The V.A. is aware that I'm smoking pot, my primary care said that it is fine, she was more concerned with my legal standing. I told her that I'm fine. I've had doctors outside the V.A. recommend marijuana to me.

I've had cops knock plants around that belonged to me with helicopter rotor wash. They were so low that they damaged the plants. As if one visit wasn't enough, they returned to a few more times. Legally speaking anything cops can see with a the naked eye is fair game. Well when they practically land on a roof... what can't they see? I think they use that as quick litmus test to find out if it is medical or recreational.

In the Army I never was that low in a helicopter unless I was landing. And I landed in funky places, even next to a soccer field during a game.

Oh I also remember the heat of the back blast from the launchers.

Re: 1/27 FA (MLRS) Babenhausen Germany

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:25 am
by redfish
Welcome to the forum brother. Your story is a familiar one to all of us I believe. Medical MJ is not legal here in Caroline but I don't give a damn. I've discovered that it works for me far better than any one of the bunch of different pills the VA has put me on. All of my VA docs know about it and advocate for me to do it. I come up positive on their urine tests every time they do one on me. Including last month when I was inpatient again.

Glad to see ya found your way here to the site. You found some old vets who know how ya feel.

Re: 1/27 FA (MLRS) Babenhausen Germany

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:52 pm
by bmw77r100s
Thanks man, on my way to the V.A. You guys have a good one.