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Rafha Refugee Camp

Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:33 am
by Delta1-41
I'm looking for anyone from the 527th Engineer Battalion of the Louisiana NG. This unit, along with Alpha Co., Delta Co. and a handful of HHC personnel from the 1-41 INF (2AD fwd) built and secured a refugee camp just north of Rafha City, Saudi Arabia. After the cease fire a very small force (1-41 INF) pushed north and secured Um Qasr, Iraq. Once Um Qasr was secure enough we pushed north again all the way to An Nasiriyah in order to monitor the surviving Iraqi forces quelling the Shia uprising. We provided a safe lane for Iraqis fleeing from the violence. The ones who survived (about 33,000) the escape through the desert mostly ended up in the Rafha Camp, which finally closed in 2003 once Saddam was dead.

Any info or contacts would be appreciated.