Recount your experience in the war and swap some stories.
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Post by Elevenbravo87 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:57 am

My name is Patrick Haygood and I served in the Persian Gulf with Charlie company 3/15 Inf. 24th Inf. Div.(M). I served as a crewmember on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and was in the Gulf from August 24 1990 till March 23 1991. The 24th was part of the Rapid Deployment Force as part of the XVIII airborne corp, we was the heavy division in the corp with the 82nd and 101st being the other divisions in the RDF. I fought in the battles of Battle Position 102, Jalibah airfield, the Basrah Plain,and the Rumaylah Oil Fields. My company lost 2 killed and 18 wounded in the ground war, all in the battle for Jalibah airfield.

The attack on the airfield was rough and I have vivid memories of seeing the Bradley in front of mine getting hit, I saw the red flash of the round and the burst of smoke on the side of the vehicle as the round penetrated the side armor of the Bradley. The round penetrated into the interior of the vehicle and hit a AT-4 and setting it off, kiling one and wounding several others. We charlie miked and took the airfield which was defended by 2 battalions of Iraqi infantry and a battalion of tanks. We also destroyed 25 migs and helcopters that was on the airfield. Another memory is of the Iraqi's in bunkers shooting all thier ammo and then surrendering, I wanted to gun them down but didnt, we just pointed them south and let the REMFs handle them. Then after that we was moving foward and stop to refuel, while we was doing this our SP artillery moved up behind us and started shelling the Iraqi's. Well after refueling we was sitting on top of the vehicles watching the shelling when one round sounded funny when it left the barrel, it was a short round and it landed in the middle of the task force diamond (it was DPCIM!!!)But luckly no one was hurt, it just scared the hell out of us.

Regardless of what the news reports said, and what all the civilians that think the war was easy, the Iraqi's Republican Guard tried to fight us but were just outclassed. I will never forget the smells of burning rubber, diesel fuel or flesh that was every where and the sights of what hot steel does to flesh. I will always hear the artillery and gunfire, and every time I smell diesel fumes it brings back these memories just like it happened yesterday.

After the war I was a changed person, I have high blood pressure and I also have a really bad anger problem and this makes life for my wife and daughter bad at times. I also do not like open spaces now and I cannot stand bright sunlight. I find it hard to make friends because most everybody I know has no idea of what the face of war is and will never understand it. I have nightmares about things I saw over there, but Im pround to have served my country when it called and one of my most prized possesions is my Combat Infantry Badge.
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Post by Dispacther » Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:46 pm

Welcome Patrick , Thanks for sharing .
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Post by Bakaruda » Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:01 pm

Welcome and hang in there brother.
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Welcome Pat, glad you found us. I have the same anger problems as well as many of the others here do. I feel for you brother. Take care of yourself and always keep the thought "Its OK" in your head at all times. I do this everytime I get the ass at something and it often helps me calm down.
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Welcome back brother. You're in good company
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Re: Hello....

Post by haze » Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:40 pm

welcome bro.....
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