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31st Combat Support Hospital

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:43 am
by operagirl

I am the daughter of a Desert Storm veteran who was NCOIC of two ICU's and the Ass't Chief Wardmaster of the 31st CSH. I am trying to find anyone from that deployment who remembers him (hopefully fondly!). His 60th birthday is next month and I was hoping to compile a few emails or letters from his colleagues from that time, as part of a memory book idea I'm working on for him. I would greatly appreciate anyone who was deployed there or who knows someone who is to respond, if you can.

His name is Michael Butler. I can't remember what his rank was at the time of deployment (I was 9) - he retired Master Sergeant.

I thank you all for your time and, as always, for your service.

EDIT - He was attached to the 7th Medical Command.

Re: 31st Combat Support Hospital

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:25 am
by wdroberson
I think that is a really cool thing you are trying to do.

I came up with the following in a search but nothing in the 31st. Maybe, on a whim, some of these folks might have known him.

Beatrice AguadoArmy41st csh Combat Support HospitalILUS
donald e day jrArmy377th cshTNunited states
Jack R. LesueurArmy47th CSHWAUSA
Jacquelyn A. CardArmy44th Med Brigade 28th CSHNCUSA
Jim StranahanArmy28thCSHINUSA
Karen DodgeArmy41st CSHCAUSA
minerjimArmy128 csh 30 med.grp.332 2nd. coscomAZu.s.
Patrick OrrArmy345th CSHFLUS
Paul S. OliverArmy47th CSHWAUSA
Rick HoferArmy46th CSHMDUSA
Timothy A. McGillArmy32nd CSH attached to 12th Evac Hosp.COU.S.A.
Young L. (Les) CrambletArmy41st CSHTXUS
Young L.CrambletArmy41st CSHTXUS

All of these were obtained at the following site with the search criteria of CSH:

Maybe that can help you or at least give you another avenue to try.

Re: 31st Combat Support Hospital

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:53 am
by operagirl
Thank you so much!! I have partial names, ranks, and such. He has a flag from the CSH that people signed. I'm trying to do it secretly so all I"m working with is the scribbles I can decipher. You are awesome for helping out!