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Medical Units at LBC on 3/10/1991.

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:46 pm
by eighteen wheller
I was injuried in an explosion at Log Base Charlie on 3/10/1991. I was taken to the ER at LBC on 3/10/1991. My injuries were treated & I was given a 72 Hour Sick Slip, which I brought back to my Unit Administrator. However, I was not given the Medical Treatment Record to Take back to my Unit Administrator & this document never made it to my Medical Record. Now the VA says I never had injuries from this explosion, due to me not having a copy of this Medical Treatment Record from 3/10/1991. I have Buddy Statements thar verify the accident happen & that I discussed my injuries with Them. But, according to the VA, it's not enought to establish service connection for my injuries from this explosion. I need to know the name of the Medical Unit who was in charge of the ER at LBC on 3/10/1991, so as I might find the Doctor who wrote the Sick Slip or knows where the actual Medical Treatment was sent. Any help is very much appreciated.

Re: Medical Units at LBC on 3/10/1991.

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:31 pm
by gnbhill
I saw this on another site. may be bad for trying to find records. I have been trying to find facts about my unit and it's location and it is like we were never there. ... yid=174296

try this site i saw it here on this site