Trying to find out info. on medals for first gulf war

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Trying to find out info. on medals for first gulf war

Post by ncdevildog » Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:05 am

i served during the first desert storm with 3/6, lima co. in infantry. after all was over we came back to states. i received the SWA medal, combat action medal and national defense. my unit was put in for many other awards but i was a short timer and was sent to another unit for my last few months (1/6). i have been trying to find information on what medals and ribbons my unit was awarded during the gulf but have not been successful at this. does anyone have any idea where i can find out what medals were awarded during that time frame. i have mailed some letters but as usual no returns or information. i was told by an old friend that we were approved for kuaiti (SP) libiration medal but i have no proof of this. if anyone has any info. i sure would appreciate some help. :?:
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Re: Trying to find out info. on medals for first gulf war

Post by wdroberson » Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:58 pm

There was a Kuwaiti Liberation Meal awarded by the Government of Saudi Arabia. This is the one that has the three bronze stars on the ribbon if you were involved in all parts of the war and was presented in a nice little green case that had a small clasp on the front and a hinge in the rear.

After a period of time Kuwait released, and our government accepted, a liberation medal from the government of Kuwait. This was some time after they were liberated and rebuilt the infrastructure somewhat. I had to send away to the Army Personnel and Awards and request that medal. It was later sent to me free of charge along with an Arcom I earned over there.

I went looking for all my medals and awards. They are around here in a somewhat big plastic bag but I was not able to find them right now. I also have the original request I made and the reply somewhere in my files. I will try to dig them out sometime soon and make copies (redacted) for you and others.

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I dug out some of the paperwork that tells what you may be eligible for. I think I am still missing one medal or two myself. I could not find that bag with all my medals, ribbons, stc.... I know it is here but my closet looks like it is from a series of 'Hoarders: Buried Alive'..

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