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Help with Transition to VA for DS Vet

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 12:27 am
by pioxen
Hi Folks,

I'm a 19 1/2 yr AD Msgt who served in DS @ King Fahd Airport with 834/16 SOS from Hurlburt Fld AFB, FL. I reurned from DS & within a year began to have a declining heart rate. Went from 75-80 bmp in 1992 to 38-40 bmp in 2001. They placed a pacemaker in me to correct. I was processed for MEB and RTD. I've had 4 additonal heart procedures (cardiac ablations w/catheders) and still have 1 more to try to correct. I've also developed what 2 neurologists say in possibly C-fiber periphrial neuropathy (central nervous system disorder) and have another procedure in February to confirm.

I took all 21 p-tabs and had the anthrax shot in DS. I have all 19 years of medical records showing I was perfectly healthy upon entering service in 1989 and was healthy and had perfect PT tests until heart declined too badly in mid 90's. I was also flown out of theater for (r) knee injury due to diving into a bunker to avaiod scud attack. All documented.

I'm a life member of DAV so I'll be getting with them to file paperwork. What kind of case do I have for GW syndrome? With all my med issues, what kind of % will I get and/or concurrent receipt?

Re: Help with Transition to VA for DS Vet

Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 11:27 pm
by pioxen
OK, I've had 19 views, but no comments =-)

Can someone tell me with having a pacemaker implanted in 1992, returned to duty, 4 heart surgeries in the last 2 years and now a neurological condition effecting my ears (ringing), legs, arms, and head (tingling, numb, and pains)... All documented and have ALL medical records from day 1 at MEPS in 1989 to present.

What's the prognosis for getting a decent disability percentage and concurrent receipt. I'm 6 months from 20 years, then I retire from Active Duty. Please advise and help if able. The more info I have, the better prepared I'll be. Any help would be greatly appreciated...


A Fellow Desert Storm Vet

Re: Help with Transition to VA for DS Vet

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:17 am
by Dagger X-Ray
I think you actually have a good chance, I would get the DAV guys working on your claim right away. The fact you have all your medical records helps you out a lot. I would make copies and stick the originals away, don't let the originals out of your possession. I wish you the best of luck too.

Re: Help with Transition to VA for DS Vet

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 10:24 pm
by pioxen
Thanks for the reply Dagger. I'm hopeful this will end good for me. They're still trying to figure out what's wrong with me, but hopefully I'll know before I retire.

Re: Help with Transition to VA for DS Vet

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:27 pm
by 4mockingbird
You have a good case for disability. They may not classify it as GW syndrome or connected to it but you have a valid case of service connected disability. That means you were healthy when you came in, but not when you got out. When I got out in 1994, I got service connected for my GW problems but at 0% rating. I read recently that they are now giving automatic ratings for GW Veterans. I need to do more research on that. If it is true, then I need to reopen my case for that.

Just make sure you have copies of ALL your records and then make copies of the important items (that you are claiming disability). Highlight where the doctors made diagnosis, treatments, etc. The more documentation of treatment you have, the better the case. Then you can give this to your service officer to add with your paperwork.

I was told when I got out that the state you live in can determine how easy or how hard it can be getting a rating from the VA. I was in Idaho when I got out. They gave me 0% for ankle problems. I appealed it and got a 20% rating. When we moved to OK, I reopened my case with the DAV and they upped it to 40% rating without going before a board (just on the documented stuff I sent in, highlighted at the important parts).

So even if they try to the lowest rating possible, you will have to fight and keep fighting for the rating you deserve. Organization and documentation is key. I wish you all the luck.

I was deployed with the 834th Services in Taif from Aug 1991 -Feb 1992. We went through King Fahd getting there. I think we dropped off our CE there. Were you part of that group?

Re: Help with Transition to VA for DS Vet

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2010 2:33 pm
by darclegion2
I took all those never gas pills and got anthrax shots too, we all did in the front lines, as far as I know...I have no clue what it did to me personally....I have strange nervous jolts and nerve twitches, a strange feeling in my chest sometimes... every now and then, along with the usual wierd stuff....but nothing connecting it directly to least from a doctors finding. I read they were looking into it. I went in for th GWS but They gave me PTSD instead, and set me up with some pink pills, the same ones they give for people with seizures.

Re: Help with Transition to VA for DS Vet

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2010 11:40 pm
by redfish
What is the name of the med? Careful with benzodiazepines. They can exacerbate your PTSD. I am on Buspar, Seroquel and Celexa all for PTSD. In '94 or so, the VA put me on Xanax. Whew! can't do that...

Re: Help with Transition to VA for DS Vet

Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:48 pm
by darclegion2
Its Tegratal, or the generic form 600 mg a day...and now a new anti depressant, a milder dose of Prozac...I dont have the bottles in front of me, Im at work, but they seem to work. I think I have alot of side effects from the Tegratol. But it has made a difference in my rage is controlled now. Depression thou comes and goes, so I decided to take anti depressants again, getting older and more depressed as the days go by, I guess.