PTSD and Rating

Post your experiences dealing with the VA Disability Filing Process for GWS, issues with VA diagnoses, and so on.
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PTSD and Rating

Post by saudivet5 » Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:29 am

Hi everyone. I have a few questions. Could someone help me figure this out. At first I was service connected for fibromyalgia at 40% and Migrain headachs at 10%. I filed a claim for PTSD as due to my service for mortuary affairs the 246TH. they awarded me 70% with an overall rating at 80 % I don't understand what happened to the fibromyalgia or the headaches. I was wondreing about unemployability and what that would entail or even if i would be able to get it I cannot work and haven't in years. Can anyone help me? 8O
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Re: PTSD and Rating

Post by FA1SGret » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:43 am

You should have gotten a letter from the VA that lists your service connections and the ratings assigned to each.

The VA uses a combined ratings table to determine an overall disability rating; they do not add the disabilities together.

Here's a link to the table: ... /S4_25.DOC

Your example: You are rating 70%, 40%, and 10% with a combined rating of 80%.

Using the table: 70 and 40 combines to 82. 82 and 10 combines to 84. If the rating is less than 85 they round down to 80%. If the combined rating was 85, they would have rounded to 90.

As to the Unemployability issue ... Are you drawing Social Security disability? If not have you applied? Many lawyers will assist you with your social security claim under the premise that you owe them nothing if you lose your case. They will collect payment after social security pays.

Here is the VBA's rules on eligibility for Individual Unemployability: ... /S4_16.DOC

Hope all this helps ... AND ... do you have a service officer as your representative?
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