March 23d - Deadliest day of the war

Care to discuss the current conflict in Iraq and Afganistan?

Post by fabio » Wed Jan 17, 2007 9:52 am

Dispacther wrote:While attending a N.A.T.O. school in Latina Italy, I met some good
people in The Italian Air Force. It was during the winter Olympics of 92.
Despite the language differences we had some good times, and got to
know each other a little .They were decent people working for the future.
However the total disregard and lack of respect the residents of Rome
showed for the Tiber, coliseum, and other ruins/relics of their past awed
me to speechlessness. I wonder about You. What has caused you to have
such boundless hate for people you've never meet; your complete lack of
thought of the lessons of the past. Your eagerness to consume the trype
spewed forth by those who despise the world view that has grown from
the ideas of liberty and individual responsibility that became the Roman
and Greek civilizations.
I lived in Rome for 3 years and I can tell you that ruin/relics are the most important and valued matter of the city, and they are threated with so much respect that most of the roadworks or general building works usually get stopped for them. Even the extension of the Metro has been stopped several times due to the continuous finding of underlying ruins. And, being Rome a city with around 7 millions of residents (not a small town of cowboys in the middle of nowhere), I can tell you that this speak a lot in spite of the lack of respect that you report to have found.

Try to find a city with a more conservative approach to the past than Rome; just mention one please.

But I'm glad you are picky on this argument, I just wonder why you don't mention what Americans did invading Baghdad, since is considered to be the "biggest cultural disaster since 1258".

Have a good reading. Maybe next time you will think at least 16 or 17 times before pointing the finger to Rome residents for something you don't even have a rough idea what you are talking about.

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