Security clearance policy is extremely frustrating.........

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Security clearance policy is extremely frustrating.........

Post by MPJIM » Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:53 pm

I've been an MP in the reserves for 11 years.
I have no criminal record.
I am an Iraqi Freedom veteran who has never had any military discipline.
I have recieved numerous ARCOM's for meritorious performance and leadership.
I am a state law enforcement officer of six years and have been selected to be a member of SWAT on two different occasions.
I am the most experienced NCO in my unit, and have the admiration of most of our soldiers.
I compete in Triathlons
I go to the drill hall to train soldiers, not sit around and collect a paycheck.

I have a BANKRUPTCY in my background. It has been discharged for two years and I have re-established credit and paid all debts on time.
I was just pre-approved for a mortgage

The Army has denied my secret clearance due to the BK.

I am in no way subject to coersion or a threat to national security.

For an Army that is stretched so thin and in need of experienced NCO's you wouldn't think they would make such dumb decisions.

Does anyone know how to appeal a security clearance decision?
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Post by Rickey Nelson » Thu Aug 02, 2007 8:47 pm

mabe talk to a Jag officer. I don't see why that would hurt you.... Did you have one or getting one.. I had a secret clearance for 18 yrs... I know they do the most intesive background check there is.....

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Post by Dispacther » Fri Aug 03, 2007 6:31 pm

JAG would be Your best bet .
Being My primary MOS was signal , I had to keep a high level clearance . The last time my fifteen year background check can due was during DS . So here this petite little thing from DA was asking family and neighbors about Me , trying to dig up some dirt (that's her job .) . Well my dad was a machine gunner on heart break ridge , My older brother is a Viet Nam era vet. , several other Korean or Viet Nam vets were neighbors or family friends . When I got block leave after getting stateside , I was regaled by numerous stories of "Why You asking 'bout that Boy ! He's out there fightin fo our country ! Don't You be saying He did nuthin wrong !" . I truly pity the little lady I never met . Some of them good ol boys aint none to gentle with their words .
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