Hey guys

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Hey guys

Post by petemonster » Thu Feb 09, 2006 3:38 am

Hi my name is Pete

I just want to let you all know that,even tho sometimes it doesn't seem so,your service is appreciated.My brother was on a harrier boat in 91..I believe it was the Saipan.He once told me that someone dropped an MH53 off the crane on the hangar deck and smashed the crap out of it lol..oops.

Anyways,I don't know if any of you cats play PC games,but aside from my day job I'm an amature computer game designer.I happened upon your site while looking for Gulf War scenario information.
Currently I have assembled a team of ppl with like interests,to help me create the most realistic PC Gulf War experience out there.........It's a modification for an existing game platform so when it is finally distributed it will be free of charge to all who wish to play.

Basically you are able to play as a soldier on the side of the US or Saddams Iraqi army and Republican guard.You can run thru 3d environments with m16s and smaws killing other players on the internet. You can drive tanks fly planes be a chopper pilot an engineer a medic whatever you can to support your teams effort to win the battel.
I have consultants on the Soviet equipment used by Iraq,but I saw this site and thought who better to ask for information than the good folks who were actually there.
The big problem we are having here is that we don't have any good consultants on our environments.
Things like actual battels that took place,what it looked like what it sounded like.
It would be nice if maybe some of you ,if you are interested would drop by our site,check it out ,give us some feedback on what looks right,what looks wrong.Or just stop by to chat it up.Srry I can't pay you for your time but none of us are making any money off this thing.........just loosing sleep and reaching new levels of frustration,and testing our workload limits.
We all know that war is not a game, and do not view it in such a way.
But just thought it would be a cool tribute to our boyz in the brown boots.

the site is

here are some screenshots for our current state of production
most of the T72 pics are from the Battle of 73 Easting scenario.............i wasn't there but if anyone was ,comment are appreciated.

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Post by troutster » Thu Feb 09, 2006 6:18 pm

Ahh Battlefield. Id definetly be interested in learning some more about this project.
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Post by rodneyw71 » Fri Feb 10, 2006 8:27 pm

I like the picture of the helicopter over the water, man that looks real.
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