New here have ran the guanlet of the VA and SSA.

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New here have ran the guanlet of the VA and SSA.

Post by SGT_JDC » Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:30 pm

Hi, just found the boards. I was medically retired from the Army in 98. Since then I have been dealing with the VA and the Social Security Admin.
I know a few of the ropes to get thru both agencies, will try to help with any answers I have.

Happy trails
SGT_JDC US Army Retired
Medically retired due to health problems GWS.
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Losing funding for GW illnesses-injuries

Post by dcmedic » Sun Nov 06, 2005 1:38 pm

Dear gulf war era veterans/supports

What is it that we want from DoD and VA?
Most of all to have our issues addressed!
The goal was to explain serious medical conditions affecting thousands
of GW vets whose sympthoms have been dismissed and ridiculed for
lack of understanding them.

One group which has pointed out where and how the exams and
program failures ocurred is "Desert Storm Battle Registry"
who has done investigative reporting on deployment exposures
and health/compensation delay, denials, and mis directions.

If it is health care or compensation issues,
we need the DAV, Am Vets, American Legion
or National Gulf War Recource Center to include
our remarks into the Committee meetings of
DHSD, Environmental Agents, IOM on Gulf War Health.

The information on these meetings are being hidden,
but these organization not posting notices/minutes to
their websites in a timely manner. Six months after the
fact, make particapation impossible.

The VA-Rac has delayed creatation of Gulf War Illness
Study Center for 2 years. The NSO represenatives who
sit on these Committees have been silent. Many veterans
don't know of the opportunites that the have lost.
"See GAO-05-903T Defense Health Care: Occupational and
Environmental Health Surveillance Needs Improvement."

Do you want the DOD (Ft Detreick) to control all deployment
health studies and protocals of care? Or would you like HHS
and Presidental Commissions to keep oversite powers to
Persian Gulf Registry, WRIISC, Veterans Disability Benefits Commission,
or Environmental Agents Registry (for OIF/OEF) ?

I demand sunshine and open dialoge on the care and compensation
for all veterans services. Close door committee meetings, with
NSO groups who do not post what is going on - is not what
veterans who have developed Leshmansis, DU exposure, MCS
Anthrax reaction illnesses; Early on set MS or ALS, Mild Brain Injuries
- who are currently fighting for service connection wanted.

If we dont want lose the progress that has been made and wish to
change policies for the better (PL 105-386 - title 38 ss 1117/1118 AUG 05)
Ref: 38 CFR 3.309 it is time to write your Congressman again and
tell them that PL 102-585 was created to monitored Gulf war Veterans
Health by agencies other that VA or DoD - like HHS. [2] We should not
lose $245 million of PL 105-368 for INDEPENDENT treatment center
due to inaction by
Military Health Veterans Coordination Board;
VA-Rearch Advisory Committee; DHSD
Deployment Health Support Directorate;
National Veterans Service Organizations;
National Gulf War Resource Center.

Your response is requested. Many of our programs is due to end in 2006!
Venus Hammack (ED) Desert Storm Justice Foundation
leslie liles
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millitary records lost -orders were never put in 201 file

Post by leslie liles » Mon Nov 14, 2005 12:38 pm

talk about nifgtmares from both administrations my millitery records are not even complete ,there is no record of me going to iraq according to the veterans review board would like help from any body who could tell me were to get out going list of names of personel or any information to where the records from kobar toweres were sent and archived after desert storm :twisted:
Dagger X-Ray
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Post by Dagger X-Ray » Mon Nov 14, 2005 2:35 pm

My DD-214 listed no record of my going to Desert Storm either and my numerous attempts at getting that corrected always resulted in a reply of them not knowing where my records were located. Once I got my congressman involved, my corrected DD-214 (with DD-215 showing correction) arrived at my house a month later.

It would help if you had copies of any orders sending you and/or your unit oversees. I had the luxury of too much documentation and the backing of a Brig. General (a Col. at the time who I was stationed under in Desert Storm) as a last resort if anyone needed anymore proof.
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