claimed special forces vet outted

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claimed special forces vet outted

Post by haze » Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:01 pm

if ya'll remember awhile back in mentioned that at my american legion that theres was a few newer vets claiming to be sf. an how most thought they was full of it...around 3 weeks ago, one was outted...turns out he was a came out after the county next door, their vfw along with, other vets, think maybe a few businesses donated cash, for buying him a harley.....after he accepted it, he told how he was the lone survior of his sqd....he even got down on one knee an said a prayer for those lose. ...turns out that after all said an done...he an his story was a fake....if im remembering this right....somebody heard the story an decided to do some background on him an his story...
he ended up confessin , gave back the bike, an is checking himself in a clinic, an is tryin to make amends.....
if i can find the link to story...i'll post it, if thats ok with support.
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Re: claimed special forces vet outted

Post by sledgehammer » Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:45 am

There is a federal called the Stolen Valor Act. It states one can not wear a medal / citation not awarded. Or claim to be awarded a citition thet did not recieve . This struck down dy the U.S. Supreme court. The only except. is The Medal of Honor which is inv. by the F.B.I.
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