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Voice Server Access

Post by wdroberson » Wed May 23, 2012 8:05 pm

I know that typing out these threads makes for good medicine and allows us to vent, help others, convey information from experiences learned, etc... Well if a picture is worth a thousand words then a VOIP server would be those thousand words .... Spoken and not typed.

I have a VPS and have a dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server set up for voice communication, conferencing, or just general purpose 'rag chewing' that I think could be a beneficial aid and allow others to gain advice via voice instead of always having to type.... I type badly.... How about you?

The link and information about Team Speak 3 can be found at our web site or [url=ts3server://ts3.confusedvet.com:9988]Quick Connect Link[/url] if you have TS3 installed already. Feel free, and please do, drop on in and say hello, help a fellow vet make it through the roughest times, or just chat about the weather. :lol:

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[url=ts3server://ts3.confusedvet.com:9988]Veterans Voice Server[/url]
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