research study of GWI in Miami

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research study of GWI in Miami

Post by nklimas » Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:22 pm

We need your help! Healthy gulf war era veterans and veterans with GWI needed as volunteers for gene activation study
This is an exciting study, using gene activation patterns to understand and model potential treatments for gulf war illness. We look at more than 30,000 genes and their response to a short exercise challenge. Gulf war illness veterans have more than 800 genes that act differently than normal! By measuring the genes before , during, and after the exercise challenge we can sort out what starts the process of continuous relapses rolling, then use a super computer to model ways to prevent this sort of daily triggered relapse. It has the potential to result in meaningful treatments, but we are having trouble finding healthy gulf war veterans to serve as the healthy control population. If we can recruit about 20 more folks (and 5 more GWI's) we'll have enough data to move on to the next step: intervention. Can you help? Spread the word, it can make a big difference to a GWI vet suffering 20 years and wanting a solution!
Study coordinators at the Miami VAMC Patty Sanchez, RN 305 575 7000 extension 4942 and Fanny Collado 305 575 7000 ext 6706

if you know of other blogs that could reach out to gulf war veterans feel free to cut and paste this in...spread the word

Nancy Klimas, MD
Director, GWI and CFS Research Center, Miami VAMC
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