Local Paper clip!!

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Local Paper clip!!

Post by Gulfvet90 » Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:56 pm

My wife was going though our local paper and found something i didn't. I am sure some of us will be interested in. The articals header says "Va to reopen vet's files for Gulf War illness...By Kimberly Hefling Associated Press Writer" The actical starts... " The Veterans Affairs Department says it will take a second look at the disability claims of what could be thousands of Gulf War veterans suffering from illnesses they blame on thier war service, the first step toward potentially compensating them nearly two decades after the war ended.
VA Secretary Eric Shinseki said the decision is part of a "fresh,bold look" his department is taking to help veterans who have what's commoly called "Gulf War illness" and have long felt the government did little to help them. The Va says it also plans to improve training for medical staff who works with Gulf War vets, to make sure they do not simply tell vets that their symptoms are imaginary- as has happened to many over the years.
" I'm hoping they'll be enthused by the fact that this... challenges all the assupptions that have been there for 20 years." Shinseki told The Associated Press in an interview. The changes announced Thursday reflect a significant shift in how the VA may ultimately care for some 700,000 veterans who served in the GulfWar. It also could change how the department handles war-related illness suffered by future veterans as Shinseki said he wants standards put into place that don't leave veterans waiting decades for answers to what ails them.
The decision comes four months after Shinseki opened the door for as many as 2000,000 Vietnam veterans to receive service-related compensation for from exposure to the Agent Orange."

Well think what you want, i'll believe it when i see it. Looking forward to your post.

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