Aschaffenburg Germany 1965-66 Help Me :-(

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Aschaffenburg Germany 1965-66 Help Me :-(

Post by Lingl » Fri Nov 27, 2009 11:13 am

Sorry for my Bad English!

I search my Father! He was by the Army in Aschaffenburg betwen 1965-66!
His Name is Arthur Brown an comes from Dayton Ohio!
He goes Back in the end of 1966 befor i was born!
The Name of my Mother is Marlies ( Marie Luise) Lingl and she lives 1966 in Damm Brückenstrasse 2 by her parents!

Maybe anybody can help me! I have never seen my Father! :cry:
Now my Father ist betwen 61/62 years old!

Thats me! My Name is Andreas an i was born in March 1967
so what
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Re: Aschaffenburg Germany 1965-66 Help Me :-(

Post by so what » Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:27 pm

Andreas, I tryed 2 look up your dad up in Facebook but I've been blocked from using it so go 2 Facebook and look it up since you're a resident of A-berg. Do you know a club name Pata Pata in town? I know its not too far from d barracks because I found it when I got there. Sorry I could not be of service

72-74 aberg
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