A slap in the Mullahs faces

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Gerard O'Keefe
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A slap in the Mullahs faces

Post by Gerard O'Keefe » Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:18 pm

There is a new pro-American, Anti-Islam book which ridicules and insults the early tenets of the so-called religion. "How Fatima Started Islam: Mohammad's Daughter Tells It All" is the 'true' story of how Mohammad was the village idiot and town drunk of Mecca who poorly ran Mohammad's saloon & brothel, and was used as a pathetic figurehead by his beautiful, smart daughter Fatima to start the lucrative religion. Below is a release on the book.


Did you know that Mohammad was a perverted, drunken pimp who was " too stupid and incompetent to run a fig and coconut stand, never mind an army or religion"

The brand new book, available on Amazon.com, humorously slanders the purported early tenets of Islam. Many Islamic extremists and terrorists might not appreciate the lampooning of the religion (or the pictures of Fatima and Mohammad on the front and back covers of the book), but this book is a challenge to the extremist who seem to demand that American Freedom of Speech does not apply to them and that the world must kowtow to their brand of religion while they are free to trash all others. The book is dedicated to all American and coallition forces fighting in the Middle East.

How Fatima Started Islam: Mohammad's Daughter Tells It All by Noor Barack

Noor Barack, the author does wish to publicize the book; however the author must recognize that a Fatwa will be issued as soon as the book reaches the Terroristic Islamists and must have enhanced security. Therefore the author will receive email at britbilton@yahoo.com for a short period. If one wishes to talk via telephone please email a telephone number of a specific person to be called. Thank you, also if the book's front cover or sample page did not transmit it can be easily seen at Amazon.com which is the only outlet currently selling "How Fatima Started Islam: Mohammad's Daughter Tells It All."
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Re: A slap in the Mullahs faces

Post by aatayyab » Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:50 pm

Here's my Review of the Book "How Fatima Started Islam: Mohammad's Daughter Tells It All" written by a fake American guy who calls himself Noor Barack (probably trying to mock Barack H. Obama) and published by Camel Flea Press (having no offices or a website, as if depicting so many camels ready to enjoy a feast in a flea market)

Obviously the author, the book and everything else alike is doomed to fail just as their predecessors in a desperate effort to ignite nothing but violence and hatred. And rest assured as Salman Rushdie did not represent the whole British people, similarly this sick writer and publisher does not represent Americans. These childish and coward attacks on people and their beliefs will never stop as there are many unemployed, impoverished and aimless people in this world having nothing else better to do in life. Pathetic waste of a life-time!

Let us work towards creating a better world where we can divert such sick people's attention towards their own betterment via some psycho therapies or educate them towards something else that positively contributes towards the humanity instead of such people's intellectual lives ending up as proud "martyrs" of freedom to hurt anyone freely behind a wrongly-advertised concept of "freedom".

The true freedom will happen only when we will help such publishers and writers to realize it. Such sick people are only having the "weakest" shot at destroying the very freedom which this writer/publisher tried to use to spread hatred via books like this or many others. Such sick ones don't even deserve a "dialog" cause it will be like giving all the opportunity to the rapist to talk to his/her victim. Only repenting, proper medical/psychological attention and positive direction of life can help such sick minds.

I think I have a suggestion for the author and publisher. If you guys are really that much anti-Muslims, why dont' you try to open an office, build a website, hire people and work via an organized effort? You already took that much pain to write the book, published it via a fake publishing house and distribute it online or offline. Let's see how far can your "freedom" to hurt people's beliefs go without being challenged in a court of law anywhere in the world.

Why did I write that long "REVIEW"? Well, it was NOT meant for any such sick, deaf or absurd people like the publisher or writer. It was meant for all those Muslims who they tried to target. Let me give you an example. There is this beautiful full moon. And someone who is so much ashamed of his/her own terrible-looking face, feels jealous about the beauty of moon. So, s/he decides to spit on the moon. But guess what? Moon is like 238,857 miles away from the very earth s/he stands and his/her spit can travel max 12 feet, dependent upon the strength of the lungs which must have been obviously weakened by a lot of anti-depressants, sleepless nights and drugs abuses i.e. weed, etc.

So, my dear author and publisher, congrats!!! Here's to your success in getting a fame which is obviously going to be very short-lived and serve as the ONLY embarrassment to your fore-fathers and generations to come. But hey, don't worry, I did enjoy writing all this REVIEW "without" even giving a single read to your crap beyond reading the FIRST page out of TWO HUNDRED THIRTY FOUR PAGES (ewww... that's a lot). Please, please, please, try giving at least ONE shot at growing up mate(s)!


Amir Ali Tayyab
Gerard O'Keefe
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Re: A slap in the Mullahs faces

Post by Gerard O'Keefe » Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:13 am

The 'Reviewer' says he did not read the book. All he wants to do through his site is to push Terroristic Islam. If "How Fatima Started Islam" get widespread attention more people will see what a pig of a man Mohammad was. The Mullahs hate any type of criticizism or ridicule. They want everybody including the free countries to be forced to kiss Mohammad's ass. As it says in the book "F*** Mohammad and the camel he rode in on". Anti-terrorist should go to Amazon.com and see the back cover with a picture of Mohammad in his role of Mecca's town drunk. :D
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Re: A slap in the Mullahs faces

Post by Redleg13f2h » Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:32 am

So Islam has a Davinci Code too? :lol:
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