DS Conspiracy Theories

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DS Conspiracy Theories

Post by MMeilleur » Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:11 am

Forget UFO sightings and the FACT that the Iraqis put chemical weapons around the oil heads before they lit them.....


I have 2
1. there was, i know, this camp for refugees out near Rafa that was to hold displaced civilians and refugees. As a few Iraqis fled south, they were rounded up and put there. Some were processed for refugee status and given a free pass to the West, I heard most of them languished there for YEARS. The saudis didn't want them; they didn't want to return to Iraq and the west frankly got 'clinton crazy' and forgot everything about DS. I think it's still there and one of those hidden worldwide jails the cia runs.....
2. In the very end of 1991, I had heard a Warrant Officer went AWOL with his vehicle in Saudi. I think he defected.

What do you think??????

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