insect repellant

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insect repellant

Post by cpagel » Thu Jan 15, 2004 12:35 am

does anyone remember that container that they gave us called SNIP. It was yellowish crystals. I would sprinkle some on the radio mount in the humvee and up by the front window and beside me and watch for hours and hours during the down time. The flies were absolutely horrible, but the pleasure of watching them just touch it for a split second would kill them in a matter of seconds. Wonder what it did if while i was eating my MRE and the wind blew or heck when i opened a pack of the crackers i would set one down right on top of that SNIP to knead that cheese until it was nice and soft to squirt it to the cracker.
Regardless of me injesting it, wasn't it spectactular to watch those varmits die.

Just a thought I was thinking, or what about JP4 or JP5 that was used to burn the human waste, who got that job. Seeing on TV that when a jet liner would crash, the vapors were toxic. Wonder if the vapors of the jet fuel was toxic. Funny I never thought about it then. Hmmmm Just a thought.
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